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UV-C Sterilization Chamber

UV-C Sterilization Chamber

UV-C Sterilization ChamberUV-C Sterilization ChamberUV-C Sterilization Chamber

Re-use your N95 (FFR) and PPE with greater confidence. 

Ensuring the safe Reuse of N95 respirators through UVC Germi

Our Mission

We are designing and sharing the plans to make build-at-home N95 sterilization chambers. By utilizing industry accepted technology and harnessing the public, we can scale up to meet global demand for clean fiber facial respirators (N95 masks) and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like full face shields and eye protection. This is a NOT FOR PROFIT endeavor.

Does it work?

4/3/20 AM UPDATE: Initial measurements indicate a .05 Joule per square centimeter dosing in Mikey Box 1.0 after 135 seconds of exposure. This level of UV-C exposure ( .05 J/cm'2 ) is 1/20th of the industry standard of 1 J/cm'2 to achieve a 99.99% kill rate of all pathogens. Mikey Box 2.0 is achieving 0.1 J/cm'2 in 135 seconds. To reach 1 J/cm'2 will require fifteen activation cycles of 90 seconds per cycle or 22.5 minutes per side of the N95 mask. Double sided decontamination and reuses will take 45 minutes. We are working to improve efficiency and reduce cycle times.

The Mikey Box makes NO claims to 'kill' 99.99% of all pathogens. The Mikey Box is a stop gap measure intended to assist in the sterilization of N95 face masks and other PPE. It utilizes consumer grade UV germicidal irradiation devices outside of the manufacturer's intended application. 

We are conducting studies and lab testing to validate the design and optimize dosing. We are moving forward with live virus testing. We will post those findings as they become available.

The Mikey Box uses ultraviolet light in the 253.7nm wavelength to disrupt the DNA or RNA of bacteria, viruses and spores. This technology is called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). It is a long accepted way to sterilize germs and viruses and has actually been used in some form for centuries. It is currently used in hospitals, water treatment facilities, and the air handling industry. 

The pathogen is not killed per se but it is literally sterilized and can no longer replicate. Without the ability to replicate, the pathogen can no longer infect a person. 

Is this a commercial venture


This is not an attempt to make money. 

We are designing, testing and validating a device to be built by the public. We do not offer any products for sale. This is a true field expedient "MacGyver" project that hopefully will safeguard our healthcare workers and their patients from cross contamination of pathogens.  

The quickest way to scale up globally, is to harness the production capacity of the people. We must support our healthcare providers who are the heroes of today. Maybe, after we come through the other side of this pandemic, we may consider exploring a commercial angle, but right now we will share all open-source designs freely and expeditiously. That is our mission. 

Lives over money.

Will healthcare providers use this?

We are CONFIDENT most nurses and doctors, dependent on their work environment and available resources, will use the Mikey Box.

Currently many, if not most, healthcare providers are rationing and re-using disposable single use PPE like the N95 face mask. Many are placing them in brown paper bags between uses just to prevent further spread of possible contagion on the PPE. The vast majority of frontline healthcare workers have NO adequate standardized sterilization procedures in place to treat disposable single use PPE.

Some large hospitals may have some massively expensive stand alone systems in place (3-4 hour sauna with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) or even large UV-C Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) units, but the vast majority of urban hospitals do not have any way to safely re-use PPE that meets industry standards. Smaller and less resourced rural hospitals and clinics have even fewer options. First responders like firefighters, police and EMS/ambulance even less. 


Sterilizing PPE between uses has huge benefits because putting on and taking off contaminated PPE (donning/doffing) poses a huge threat of infection to healthcare workers. By sterilizing between uses, the Mikey Box can save lives. It is a Hail Mary. It is a stop gap measure... but it's based on proven sterilization technology currently used to sterilize hospital environments, drinking water and air handling systems. 

Large centralized sterilization systems are also problematic in terms of the logistics of collecting and transporting contaminated PPE. Small portable systems like Mikey Box can be used at the point-of-care. Located on each floor and every wing of a hospital will greatly boost efficiency and reduce workload.

If we build it, and donate it, they will use it.

What's that Smell ???

Utilizing UV light for germicidal irradiation basically zaps everything in the chamber that the light touches. Dust in the air is zapped too. A high percentage of dust is actually aerial "rafts" of human skin. What you're smelling are the chemical compounds released after dust has been irradiated.


DAY 4 - Update

 Version 2.0 on day 4 !!

Full speed ahead.